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About us

Island Spy is a Travel Company focused on taking people to the most iconic spots in the Cyclades

We offer day tours that start from Athens -the capital of the country- or Crete -the biggest island in Greece-. Our goal is to create a small break to the nearest greek island and a new memorable experience for our spies!

We’re not just travel agents, we’re spies!

At Island Spy, we don’t just plan trips – we craft immersive journeys that allow you to fully experience the hidden treasures of Greece. Our team of travel experts is based in Athens and specializes in offering day tours to the Cycladic Islands and other must-see destinations around Greece.

When you book with us, you’ll be guided by a team of… Island Spies with an intimate knowledge of each and every nook and cranny you will get to experience in The Land of Gods. 

Wanderers unite!

Greece is waiting to be explored, and Island Spy knows just how to do it. We understand that your time is precious, which is why we aim to take you to the most iconic spots with minimal effort on your part. All you need to do is book the tour and let Island Spy show you the authentic side of Greece.

Our day tours offer an affordable and convenient way to visit more destinations, whether it’s islands or nearby regions, and see this beautiful land through a new lens.

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Uncover the gems of Greece

From the sparkling, crystal-clear waters to the magical sunsets, our tours will take you to the most picturesque locations that Greece has to offer. Whether you’re a city breaker, a curious traveller, or a backpacker, we have the perfect adventure waiting for you. So, pack your swimsuits, hats, and sunglasses, and let our Island Spies be your guide to unlocking Greece’s secrets through unforgettable islands and beaches.

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Worth to be mentioned, Greece is one of the countries with the largest coastline and most islands. Its coastline exceeds 15,000 kilometers and ranks 9th in the world in terms of the longest coastlines. The country counts more than 6,000 islands and islets but just 117 of these are inhabited. Most Greek islands are located in the Aegean Sea, fewer in the Ionian Sea, and fewer in Libya and other smaller seas. Lots to be said and many more to be explored!

City breakers, curious travellers, backpack your swimsuits, hats, and sunglasses cause we are taking over the Greek islands!


Discover Greece's wonders on captivating day tours: ancient ruins, picturesque islands, and vibrant cities. Unforgettable experiences await!
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Discover Greece's rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture on unforgettable multiday tours. Book your adventure now!
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Discover Greece's hidden gems with our personalized custom tours, tailored to your interests and preferences!
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Why choose us


What if I have my own spy car?

If you have your own spy mobile, you can send us the location of your hideout accommodation, and we will send you the best available pick-up point where you can safely park your car and proceed to join the mission with your island spy guide and other fellow agents. For missions operated by boats, you may arrive directly at the port of departure, as there is no need for our bus service.

How do I know where my exact pick-up location is and the time I need to be there?

When you make the booking, you need to complete the name of your hideout hotel. As soon as we receive your reservation, we will reply by email and send the exact pick-up place near your location and the time you need to be there. You will also receive a pin of Google Maps.

Will you pick me up directly from my secret hideout hotel or from a central point nearby?

Our partners offer pick-up from several points, such as hidden hotel gates, secret alleys, bus stops and main squares. For time saving purposes we suggest you opt for central points nearby, as it will be less time consuming as opposed to picking up every agent from their personal hideout hotel separately.
Your nearest pick up point will be a 5–10-minute walk at most, so if your secret hideout hotel is located in a remote area (such as up in the hills, or in a narrow street, where a bus can’t get to) you might need to drive or take a taxi to the nearest pick-up point. Your Island Spy guide will be able to advise you accordingly given your personal situation, by sending the exact location and pin on Google Maps.

How will I receive my Secret Mission Voucher for the excursion I booked?

You will receive a confidential email containing your mission booking confirmation as soon as you complete the payment.

How do I become an Island Spy, join the mission, and book a tour?
  1. Select the trip that best suits your spy skills and interests
  2. Use our easy-booking system to join the mission
  3. Soon after, you will receive a mission confirmation via email
  4. As soon as your request is processed, we will send a second email with additional
    clarifications and pick up information

That's it, you're officially an Island Spy!

Are Mobile Vouchers accepted or do I need to print them?

Yes, you can bring your mission description in mobile or print form, as best suits your needs! We suggest mobile though, for an extra environmentally friendly trip!
If your mission-tour includes ferry tickets, you will receive those within the day of the trip from your host/guide by showing your confirmation email.

Do I need any Secret Agent ID Documents?

No, you will only need your mission confirmation email.

Mykonos is a beautiful place and we as a family had a great time. Mania was quite helpful in organizing this trip at a short notice.
Sokakia Chora crete to mykonos tour
Day tour to Mykonos island
Veejaysp | May 2022
Great experience. The best service I have recieved in Greece. Fully recomendable ++ Special mention to the staff Mania who made our experience the best in class. Thanks
Day tour to Santorini
Day tour to Santorini island: Fira & Oia
AQUS | September 2022
Private Day Trip of Mykonos from Athens: dear, wonderful Mania - your tour and your company are brilliant, and I cannot thank you enough for the exceptional time we had. Efcharistó, efcharistó, efcharistó!
Sokakia Chora crete to mykonos tour
Day tour to Mykonos island
Thomas Bell | May 2023
What a lovely place! The island is well known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and this tour is an affordable way to take a taste from Mykonos! We didn't want the day to be over, but it did with overall satisfaction. The ride to Mykonos is by the fastest boat in the Mediterranean and it is so exciting to have experienced also that.
Sokakia Chora crete to mykonos tour
Day tour to Mykonos island
alice_mitchel1989 | July 2021
I am very happy to my trips in Greece especially going to Santorini. You are so very helpful and GOOD SERVICE! Will surely visit Greece again and contact you again. Thank you very much ISLAND SPY! 💙
Day tour to Santorini
Day tour to Santorini island: Fira & Oia
Jackie Pe | September 2022

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