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Serifos Island

Have you ever heard of Serifos, the hidden gem of Cyclades?Just 2hrs & 30min away from Athens by speedboat!

Just 2hrs & 30min away from Athens by speedboat, the unspoiled, wild beauty of Serifos speaks directly to all your senses. An authentic Cycladic island gracefully embraced by the deep blue colors of the Aegean Sea. If peace and carefree moments are what you’re looking for, Serifos is the ideal destination for you.

The majestic Chora

Beautiful when you see it from the port, even more, impressive when you come closer, the main town of Serifos (known as Chora) is an unexpected surprise for the visitor! Divided into two parts, Upper and Lower Town, it guides you to explore it from the beginning to the end. Going up a few dozen whitewashed stairs, you arrive in Piazza, the main square of the town full of picture-perfect buildings and charming traditional cafes. Don’t miss the chance to wander around the beautiful corners of one of the most picturesque Cycladic towns and discover its unique, artistic vibe.

Fascinating history

History is present in many areas of the island. Chora itself is first and foremost a typical fortified medieval settlement, built to protect its inhabitants from pirate raids. The 5-centuries-old monastery of Taxiarhes, built in the form of a castle in fear of pirate invasion, is definitely a must-visit! Apart from its historical, religious, cultural, and architectural interest, it will surprise you with an amazing 360° view and a magical sunset. Serifos is also an island of great mining history. If you want to experience a short journey back in time, follow the old mining paths and let the story unfold.

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Wild, unspoiled beaches

The beaches of Serifos, which according to locals are more than 70, stand out for their original beauty and can satisfy every taste! Rocky shores, fine-pebble beaches or golden sandy ones, with crystal clear waters, sometimes green and sometimes turquoise, will certainly cast their spell on you. For many of them, you may have to go down rugged dirt roads, but when you behold them, all the effort makes sense! Finally, if you are looking for some adventure, the seabed of Serifos, ranked among the best diving destinations in Greece, is as enchanting as its beaches and evokes you to explore it.

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This, after all, is the island where every experience is unforgettable.

Book now your trip with us and indulge yourself into the enchanting world of Serifos.