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A Combination Tour: Knossos Palace & Lasithi Plateau

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Trip highlights

Lasithi Villages Knossos Palace Lasithi Plateau
Immerse Yourself in Nature's Beauty of Lasithi Region
Lasithi Countryside Knossos Palace Lasithi Plateau
Visit the Village of Krasi with its water springs and home of the biggest tree of Crete and enjoy time in nature
Kera Monastery1 Knossos Palace Lasithi Plateau
Visit the Historical Monastery of Vidiani dedicated to Virgin Mary.
Cave of Zeus2 Knossos Palace Lasithi Plateau
Explore the birthplace of Zeus at the Dikteon Cave
Knossos Palace5 Knossos Palace Lasithi Plateau
Discover the Minoan Palace of Knossos and learn more about the most famous archeological site of Crete


Unveiling the Treasures of two Regions in Crete: Lasithi Plateau, Monasteries, Cave of Zeus, Villages, and Knossos Palace Day Tour

Enjoy a captivating combination tour that takes you on a journey through two iconic destinations: The Lasithi region and the legendary Knossos Palace in Heraklion. Begin your adventure by exploring the picturesque Plateau of Lassithi, where you'll visit the historical Cave of Zeus, the serene Monastery of Panagia Vidiani, and the traditional village of Krasi. The Plateau of Lassithi, also known as the Lassithi Plateau, is a fertile plain located in the eastern part of the island of Crete, Greece. It is situated at an altitude of approximately 800 meters (2,625 feet) and is surrounded by the Dikti Mountains. The plateau is renowned for its agricultural significance, natural beauty, and historical importance. The Cave of Zeus, also known as Dikteon Cave, is a significant and mythologically rich natural attraction. According to Greek mythology, this cave is believed to be the birthplace of Zeus. The cave itself is a stunning natural wonder. It's characterized by its impressive stalactites and stalagmites, as well as its underground chambers and passages. The unique geological formations within the cave create an otherworldly atmosphere.

Meet the Minoan civilization

As the day continues, we'll travel to Heraklion to delve into the fascinating world of the ancient Minoan civilization at the renowned Knossos Palace. The Knossos Palace is one of the most significant and well-known Minoan sites in Greece. Unique for its historical and cultural importance. Knossos Palace is associated with the Minoan civilization, one of the earliest advanced civilizations in Europe. It is believed to have been the political and ceremonial center of the Minoan culture. The ruins of the Knossos Palace have been extensively excavated and partially reconstructed. Visitors are providing with insights into the architectural, artistic, and religious practices of the Minoan civilization.

Explore a Cretan Olive Mill Farm for an unforgettable experience.

Learn about the traditional and modern practices in olive oil production, a cornerstone of Mediterranean culture. See how olive soap and honey are made with dedication, showcasing Cretan heritage. Enjoy a highlight meal made from local produce, embodying Crete's culinary richness, against a backdrop of wild aromas and Aegean Sea views. Note: Meal cost is extra.
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Duration of trip
Total Duration of the tour: 10-11 hours The trip duration varies depending on the location of your hotel.
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Free cancellation
Cancel up to 48 hours in advance to receive a full refund
Covid 19 requirements
Currently, there are no specific requirements for participating. However, if the government's COVID regulations mandate any specific requirements, we will contact you to inform you accordingly.

Tour schedule


Participants will be collected from designated pick-up points within the specified time frame. The exact pick-up time will be determined based on the location of your accommodation.

The bus transfer from the last pick-up point to the first destination which is the village of Krasi, will take approximately 30 minutes.

Krasi Village (20 minutes)

Immerse yourself in the charm of this quaint traditional village, known for its refreshing freshwater springs and the ancient and majestic tree that stands as the oldest on the island of Crete. Embrace the beauty of Cretan nature during our 20-minute stop.

Vidiani Monastery  (25 minutes)

Discover the tranquility of the Vidiani Monastery, a small male monastery nestled at the foot of Louloudaki Mountain.

Psychro Cave or well known as Cave of God Zeus (1 hour & 10 minutes)

Unearth the mythical birthplace of Zeus, the king of gods, as you explore the captivating Psychro Cave adorned with awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites.

Olive Oil Mill Farm

Embark on a journey to a Cretan Olive Mill Farm for a truly immersive experience. Discover the ancient traditions and modern techniques behind the production of olive oil, a staple of the Mediterranean diet and culture. Witness firsthand the care and passion that goes into creating olive soap and harvesting honey, products deeply rooted in Cretan heritage. The highlight of your visit will be the chance to savor a meal prepared with the freshest local ingredients, a testament to the rich culinary traditions of Crete. As you dine, let the fragrant aromas of the surrounding wilderness and the stunning views of the Aegean Sea enhance your experience. Please remember that the cost of the meal is an additional expense.

Knossos Palace (guided Tour in the site, and free time 1 hour)

Bid farewell to the enchanting Lasithi region as we conclude our day with a visit to the historic Knossos Palace. Explore the archaeological wonders of this ancient site during a guided tour, followed by some free time to capture memorable photographs of this extraordinary cultural landscape.

Relish the Memories as we Conclude this Remarkable Day! Sit back and relax during the comfortable bus drive back to the original pick-up point where our journey began in the morning.

17:30 - 19:30

Upon the conclusion of the tour, participants will board the buses and head back to their respective points, where they were originally picked up in the morning. The duration of the return journey to each hotel may vary depending on traffic conditions and the individual pick-up locations for each participant.

Extra information

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Travel in comfort aboard our air-conditioned bus, driven by a professionally trained driver
  • Experienced tour guide to provides insightful information in the bus
  • Guide in the Minoan Palace of Knossos
  • Guide in the Cave of God Zeus
  • Visit a local farm
  • All applicable taxes and legal fees
  • Participants covered by Public Liability Insurance
Not Included
  • Cave of Zeus Entrance: 6€
  • Knossos Palace Ticket: 15€
  • Buffet Lunch in the Cretan Farm
What to bring
  • Hat / Sunglasses / Sunscreen
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Cash for entrance fees at sites
Know before you go
  • Our experienced guide will provide insightful commentary, offering valuable historical context and cultural insights to enhance your journey. Additionally, our escort will conduct guided tours of the archaeological sites you will visit, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of each location.
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Mykonos is a beautiful place and we as a family had a great time. Mania was quite helpful in organizing this trip at a short notice.
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